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Last updated: 08/28/2008 12:28 PM
Poduthuval Thoran Mezhukkuvaratti Variations ~

These are related because all of them involve frying vegetables in oil.
But they are different: 

"Poduthuval-s" [ Tamizh, Tamil ] include only those that involve just a general frying and not any boiling or additional condiments specially added.

"Thoran" [ Malayalam ] is generally chopped vegetables cooked and later fried. Coconut gratings thuvar daal etc are added in many variations.

"Mezhukkuvaratti" [ Tamizh Malayalam ] is certain vegetables mentioned, boiled and later fried without much else! These are Kerala delicasies.    

1) Poduthuval-s
2) Thoran-s ~
3) Mezhukkuvaratti ~