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   April-02-2014  Mulakoottal ~ Molakoottal ~ Poricha Kuzhampu ~ Poricha Kuzhambu **
   March-27-2014  Carrot Saambaar(s) ~
   March-27-2014  Quick Saambaar (with saambaar powder ) ~.
   March-27-2014  Aviyal ~
   February-26-2014  AUM Samyukta Para Brahma Naarayana Nyaasa Mowna Garbhagraham ~ om
   February-26-2014  Varunapriya~
   February-04-2014  Aum Maha Sooshma ParaBrahma Naaraayana Mowna(Movna) Vyaakhyaanam
   February-04-2014  Aum ParaBrahma Divya Mowna (Movna) Aananda Nyaasam
   January-16-2014  Aum Maha Shishta Kala Bhairava Spanda Rahasya Mowna Nyasa Graham

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Narayanan Raghunathan (b. 28th June 1953) son of late Sri Raghunatha Iyer and Smt. Rajalakshmi Raghunathan.

Fields Of Interest

Om, Philosophy (Upanishads, Vedanta, Sri Aurobindo, Philosophy of Science etc), Universal Mysticism , Poetry (Free Verse, Haiku, Tanka, Senryu etc), Religion (Mantram, Mownam Nyaasam, Sandhyaa Bhaasha Sanskrit Tawhid ), Music (Karnaatik, Dhrupad, Musicology), Dance, Mathematics (Number Theory, Infinite Transcendental Numbers, Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics, Infinite Continued Fractions, Algebra etc) ~ Photography, Graphics ~  

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Three  books of philosophical aphorisms published few years ago.

THe Apocalypse Series

1] Kalki The Last Coming


2] Scrap Bits From The Note-Books Of A Lunatic.


3] Last Revelations


Offerings To Shiva 


To the Nazarene



A book on the Mathematical Infinity ~

The Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary to Transfinity


Two books of Haiku Poems ~ 

Infinite Flame Silences

Apocalyptic Rapture  [ Co-authored With Amanda ]


Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Transcendental     Numbers [ The Library Of Babel ~1 ] ~ 3 Volume Set published on 2nd Dec 2007 at Eranakulam Keralam India

Few Books To be Published Later ~

1 ] Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Rhythmic Continued Fractions [ The Library Of Babel ~2 ] ~ 3 Volume Set to be Printed by March 2015 AD


2] Set Theory, Cantor's Diagonalization, and The Continuum of Hypothesis  ~ A Meta Cosmic Logical Discourse ~ To be Printed By Dec 2014 AD

3] The Cosmoses Of Cosmic Algebras ~ The Final Clarifications and Purifications  With Generalizations ~ To Be ready by Dec 2015 AD  

4] Most Generalized Cosmic Mathematical Analysis ~  [ Without Fraudulent transfinity ] Many Volumes with Cosmic Labyrinth Functions ~ To Be Completed over Time 







Founder and director of

Wonder Haiku Worlds


I was active on various websites related to poetry & Haiku. I wrote as RUDRA & brahman~narayanan in Photo Haiku Gallery & as RUDRA in midnightedition!