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Naattai ~ [Natai] ~ 1 & Aananda Bhairavi [ Ananda Bhairavi ] ~1

  Naattai is a typically Karnatik raagam with no real Hindusthani equivalent. The special Rishabha of this Raagam reveals the Raagam in its subtle shruthi-s. I thank my Athai's daughter Jayashree who brought to my attention the peculiar nature of this Rishabham about thirty years ago. Naatai is generally sung for about a minute or two to begin a concert. I have never heard an elaborate aalaapana in this ragam. One day I was travelling with Suresh my driver and for a long time I sang Naattai Instinctively and re-cognized that there are lots of hidden subtleties and silences   about Naattai that remain to be revealed. After almost an year, I was in Bandipur with a room that resonated well. I sang  Naattai for one hour also managed to include Maha Ganapathim in between.

  Later I wanted to sing Aananda Bhairavi but Naattai would not leave my mind and body. So i sang Naattai for another twenty minutes. Then I shifted to Aananda Bhairavi and continued for another forty minutes.

 I request the listners to be patient to see the seamless folds of the Raagam-s to unfold theit resonant petals !  

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Naattai {Natai } ~1~ [ With Maha Ganapathim ~ Dikshithar ]
Naattai {Natai } ~1~ [ Contd~ ]
Naattai {Natai } ~1~ [ Contd~ ] & Aananda Bhairavi [ Ananda Bhairavi ] ~1 ~

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