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Last updated: 01/17/2008 04:11 PM
Bird Flu



Beautiful ~ Stop Eating animals ! These are just early warnings ! Don't call it Indian Bird Flu. Fools! It will soon spread All Around the earth fiercely ! My prayer Has been answered !  My Divine Dream Has Become True. Om Nama Shivaaya. When They panic and kill poor chicken there will be more confusion! LET THE BIRDS' FLU MAD COWS' DISEASES ETC SPREAD ON AND ON ~ LET THE EARTH BECOME VEGETARIAN NOW ! DON'T KILL YOUR FELLOW BEINGS AND EAT THEM EVIL WALKING CREMATORIUMS![ Shaw's expression ]

I am a proud Indian ~ Many communities here have an ancient vegetarian tradition. Ahmisa is the Method! Now It Is Himsa Upon Himsa! Alas !;_ylt=AvZLl3Lh4fpMqffD2qVWPkoR.3QA

Full Coverage: Bird Flu

Bird flu strikes several farms in Bangladesh

Reuters - Thu Jan 17, 4:19 AM ET

DHAKA (Reuters) - Health and veterinary workers in Bangladesh have culled nearly 25,000 fowls after bird flu was confirmed at three poultry farms in the country, officials said on Thursday.

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Bird Flu

Villagers look at a health worker as he culls chickens at a poultry farm in Margram village, about 240 km (149 miles) north of the eastern Indian city of Kolkata January ...

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