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Last updated: 02/15/2017 01:01 AM
Maha Rudra Virat Naaraayana

nebulous dreams mushroomed in the fathomless void
and the supreme  divine still nascent sanctified all for ever
with its hidden desire that searched all born and unborn

it was an inevitability, the passionless dreams magically spread  
in the divine  rtam of splendid  recuperations and fall and tumble
but  in ultimate purity all gets elaborated to impossible  seamless scales
linearly circularly in labyrinth path ways of  innumerable cosmic times  
immortal mizmazes beyond causation necessity paltry ego and ignorance
but impinged with a perfect mission and zealous fervour that searched
its innumerable subtle edges to seamlessly grow in light and delight

a million lotuses bloomed in spectral avalanches and countless
floral cosmoses sprouted in random abandon eagerly inviting
the myriad  beings to unite in the sacred thaandava resplendent
in each moment and in each and every detail, become become for ever
for ever all over as the immortal divine presence, the musical  sigh of 
Maha Rudra Virat Naaraayana engulfed safely in fragrant silences 


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