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Last updated: 02/15/2017 12:31 AM
Ariadne ~

Enclosed in the astral garment
Within the cubic-spaces of an airport
Time stood mocking still suspended
When we gently rediscovered
The forgotten language of beatific fairies
The protracted passions of unborn gods
When we discovered our celestial eyes
Emblazoned in fire-storm fusions
We stared at each other in primal wonder ~
The aeroplanes became silver birds
The lines, curvatures became sublime light
The chairs became splendid objects of paradise
The people mesmeric shadows of a blazing dream
The cacophony of the city was Dionysian music ~

Our strange moment of ancient re-cognition clearly
Promises infinite primordial residual worlds to awaken
Eternal organic chambers of reverberating bliss
To prolong for ever for ever all over
The universes of sacred ecstasies submerged
In the divine depths of our moist eyes ~

Time envisages our mystic hopes
The fluttering eyelashes reveal
The fierce burden of the ageless ages bygone
Ageless ages yet to Be,
For, a perfect noetic wisdom inspires sanctifies
The impeccable essence of these
Age-old labyrinth meanderings in ether ~

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