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Nitya Shakthi Bindu Brahmaanda Pravaaham ~

Lyrical poly-sensual extravagances blazing engulfing
Spectacle dreams blitzkreiging ecstatic continuums
Dimensionless levitations in ether-dawns seeping
Through these metaphysical labyrinths in suspended animation
Space-time-deed-points bursting asunder in fierce splendour
Creating an Ultimate Infinity marking the Magic Way
In epic parables of incandescent flame-rhythms in unborn paradises
Ageless mountains erupt in thunderous music invoking
Solomon’s solemn seals zealously guarded
At the solar core of sacred vacancy the guardian angels
Exclusively guard the terrible passages of Light
Into Truth-Fire-Brahmaandas meticulous pure
Ferociously wrathful like ravenous lions in primal jungle
terrains ~

In glorious gratitude an ultimate will gently
Grants itself the sublime will to engender itself for ever ~
The Witness Light implants impeccable signs on the way
Reveal the luminous sourceless source of All
Ever seeking eagerly the ultimate peripheries of All of All
Extending radiant seamless into Apocalyptic Eternities ~

Notes ~

Nitya ~ Eternal

Shakthi ~ Primal Mother ~ Cosmic Energies ~

Bindu ~ Divine Meta-Nodes Of Perfect Symmetries ~

Brahmaanda ~ Luminous Eternal Cosmic Egg Projections ~

Pravaaham ~ Splendid Surge Of Ageless Causations

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