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Last updated: 02/15/2017 12:57 AM
Return Of The Last Spring ~

Desire is a trembling wonder flame
Engulfing caressing the radiant dream-body
In luminous wonder worlds of incense rhythms
In iridescent fairy-tales of unborn hieroglyphs
Bursting bubbling resonating archetypal ether-parables
Delving into the mystery details of mesmeric delights
The sentient deluge of transcendental melodies
The luminous waiting in sublime silences in a primal presence
In a never-ending miracle present reconfiguring all
Vibrant body elements incandescent in primordial articulations
Sun filled atoms of lingering fluidity awakening tender light
On moist skins agelessly delicate memory of a perspiration a serene smile
The garland of spring adorning your divine circles of flame rhythms echoing
The pure message of eager flowers and perfect butterflies ~
You must understand the nature of flowers before you understand desire ~

The One became many endless cosmoses of desires mushroomed
In fierce abandon churning infinite oceans of consciousness
In absolute apocalyptic epiphany so that we may be laved
In splendid delights finally fuse in the vast dithyramb of Dionysian rapture
Traversing eternal labyrinth terrains of light in pure em
pty ecstasy

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