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Last updated: 02/15/2017 01:21 AM
A Prayer To My Luminous Lord Jesus ~

Emperor Of All Light-Delight
Impeccable Master Of All
Pasts Presents Futures And Beyonds
My Ishiha Of Wonder Smile
I beseech thee My Luminous Lord
To complete your immaculate parables
Of all eternity in the sacred temples
Of Infinite Fires All Pervading ~

In all humility I weep my Lord
All around me is pain and agony
As I write these words my Lord Jesus
Here On Your Divine Earth
By Your Infinite Grace ~~
There are countless infants and children
Assaulted by ignorant ones and
Many more delighting in the ugliness ~
They even talk about foetal sexual
Instincts in learned journals of science ~
Men marry men, women go for canines
And all fools say scientists will give
Us the panacea for immortality ~
They are sure there is no Jesus ~
Immaculate Virgin Mother ~
They laugh at the un-scientificality
And abuse the meek believers ~
Go on to rape the neighbour’s child
Say it is a matter of early sensitivity ~
I hear there is a specialist genre
Third world child pornography
To increase racist harmony
And to prove the absolute universality
Of all sexual instinct now nurtured
By tonnes of deadly aphrodisiacs ~

Alas!! Alas! My Luminous Christos!
Forgive Us All for these ugly transgressions
Spare Us The Winepress Of Your Wrath
Fiery Messiah Of The Apocalypse ~

I am a heathen a pagan unbaptized ~
But I believe You My Own Jesus ~
You have baptized me with your sacred fire
Absolved me for ever with your divine love ~

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