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Hymn To Praana ~ [Life-Breath] ~

Modulate tune your breathing to astral twinklings
Realize the nature of hurricane winds atomic explosions
Cosmic conspiracies serene murmurs tender whispers ~

Yesterday’s air is today’s food
Today’s food is tomorrow’s water
Tomorrow’s water is this ancient ether ~
The elements metamorphose perpetually in the lungs
On the mountains in the rivers in fire within the core of the sun

Mingling merging fusing emerging as myriad physiologies
Countless perceptual universes of forms and activities dazzling
The primal deluge of infinite evanescent cosmoses and beyonds ~

The elements fly and swirl dangle and dance
Vitally explode as innumerable galaxies
Fatally entangled in infinite space-time energies
Reformulated as plasma as oceans as lava as ants
As dreams as elephants as solids liquids gases ethers
As human blood as crow’s memories as distilled waters
As solemn colours of unborn surreal visions
As tensions of rare alignments as moribund anatomies------
Transforming transforming this universe of things and beings
Forming truly-fiery luminous to your chronic breathing ~

Purify the universes with your ageless breath
Transcend the cosmoses with a perfect sneeze
Here you stand a prophetic centre of a deathless dream ~

Circa 1989 ~

Notes ~
Praana ~ The Primal Life Breath Indicating God’s Presence In Man ~ The One Who Breathes For All Even When They Are Deep Asleep He Is Verily The Lord Of All ~ An Upanishadic Idea Re-drafted ~ There is a brilliant aphorism in Kashmiri Shaiva Tradition As Told By Shiva To Uma His Spouse “Between The In-Breath And The Out-Breath  The Absolute Void-Light Of No Breath ~ Re-cognize Uma” [This is rewritten anew from my memory] ~ This mystic idea is very dear to Practitioners Of Yoga and Zen ~ Note The Word “Praanaayaama”[Perfecting The Silent Intervals Of Praana] In Yoga Literature [Patanjali] ~

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