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A guide to my work

Narayanan Raghunathan




Philosophical Aphorisms

Kalki ~ The Last Coming: Apocalypse

Scrap-bits from the note-books of a Lunatic: Apocalypse

Last Revelations ~ Apocalypse: Kalki ~ The Last Coming continued



Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms for Infinite Transcendental Numbers: Volume 1

Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms for Infinite Transcendental Numbers: Volume 2

Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms for Infinite Transcendental Numbers: Volume 3

Seamless Infinity ~ Some Generalized Papers in Elementary Number Theory



Infinite Seamless Cosmic Rtams

To The Nazarene

Offerings to Shiva

Spasms of Light: Wonder Haiku Worlds Anthology 1


Prose ~ Fiction / Non-Fiction

Ahimsa ~ Before the Apocalypse: Vegetarianism ~ In Defense of Animal Rights

Moronic Theory of Transformist Evolution

The Blade of Grass and Other Stories

Infinite Cosmoses ~ Infinite Eternal Beings ~ Infinite Silences


Here are some other works of Narayanan's work currently only available on the Internet:


Aum ~ Refer to
Avyaya ~ undefinable
Aspashta ~ not exactly clear
Spanda ~ pre-primordial resonances before the Word and Silences, before infinite creations. The zone where beginnings, middles and ends don’t exist. Neither the linear, nor the circular senses of time exist there. (Refer to the description of my dream “The Unborn Infinite”, Even beyond the Spandas, the A-Spandas exist. 
Nyaasa - elucidation
Mahashista - the infinite, divinely residual
Samhita ~ compilation

Aum Vighneshwara Mahaa Shishta Spanda Thaandava Rahasyam ~

Aum Maha Shishta Kalpa Kalpaanthaka Spanda Parabrahma Mowna Nyaasam ~

Aum Maha Mownaananda Parabrahma Maha Spanda Shishta Poorna Kumbham

Aum Maha Shruti Garbha Graha Maha Naaraayanan Sooshma Laya Rahasya Kalpam ~

Aum Maha Aadithya Anaadi Spanda Shishta Shruthi Maha Nyaasam ~ Parabrahma Tatvam ~

Aum Rtam Rtam Swaaham Parabrahmaa- Aanandam Anaadi Spandamvavyayam Rtam

Aum ~ Annadi Tawhid Spanda Sphatika Mantram ~ Darbaari Kaanada Shruti Rahasyam ~

Aum ~ Anaadi Shishta Rudra Mishra Maha Rahasya Mantra Nyaasam ~ Shambho Shankara Parama Shishta Yukthi Spanda Graham

Aum ~ Anaadi Akhanda Maha Shishta Shruthi Rahasya Mantra Nyaasam ~ Maha Brahma Rishi Deva Mandala Prabhaa

Aum Maha Annadi Spanda Graha Shruthi Garbha Nyaasam ~ Darbaari Raaga Vinyaasa Poorvaanga ~ Waahidi Tajahudium Wafriq

Aum ~ Maha Shishta Prabhaatha Bhoopaala Maha Naarayana Mantra Kshobham ~ Maha Rudra Kritham

Aum ~ Shishta Allaha Wahid Umain Tawhid Al Lawh Mehfooz ~ Revathi Athava Bairagi-Bhairav Raaga Pratishta Rudra Saama Chinham

Aum ~ Anaadi Shishta Mishra Poorna Maha Shruthi Rahasya Vibhanjitha Nyaasam ~ Rishaba Rudra Rahasyam Pavitram Anaahattam

Aum ~ Anaadi Akhanda Maha Shishta Shruthi Rahasya Mantra Nyaasam ~ Rudra Shishta Roopa Kalpaantharisham ~ Revathi Raaga Vinyaasam

Aum ~ Shiva Shankara Dattaatreya Maha Rahasya Thaandava Naaraayaneeyam ~ Darbaari Prakaara Shruthi Garbha Griha

Aum ~ Mahaa Rudra Brahma Naaraayans Shishta Datta Rahasya Kavacha Nyaasam ~ Rishabha Kaanthi ~ Shishta Naaraayana Revathi Dig Bandham

Aum Vighneshwara Spanda MahaKalpa Rahasya Shruthi Mantram ~ Om

Aum Rtam Rtam Naaraayana KalpaKalpaanthariksha Maha Shishta Swaaham Mahaa Mantram ~ Aum Shishta Bhoopaala Rahasya Dhvani

Aum Anaadi Mahashishta Mahashivaraatri Mantra Kalpam ~ Naraayana Maha Bairagi Bhairav Nyaasam

Aum ~ Maha Shishta Maha Vrata Nishta Virat Purusha Maha Krodha Shaapa Beeja Samhitha ~ Revati Prakaar

Aum Narayana Kalki Shishta Saakshi Kavacha Mantram ~ Parabrahma nyaasam ~ Revati Raaga Vinyaasam

Aum Maha Kalpa Kalpaanthareeksha Prabha Beejo- Anushtaanam ~ Rudra Chinham ~ Revati Vichitra Prakaara~

Aum Gambheera Rishabha Prakaara Rudra Nyaasam ~ Kaivalya Pradaanam

Aum Rishabha Prakaara Maha Shishta Dhwani ~

Aum ~ Rishabha Rahasya Nyaasam ~ Hanumat Mahaa Chinham ~

Aum ~ Maha Shishta Aksharamaala Naaraayana Mehfoozi Nyaasam ~ Mishra Kaanada Dhruva Rahasyam

Aum ~ Maha Shishta Aksharamaala Naaraayana Mehfoozi Nyaasam ~ Mishra Kaanada Beeja Dhvani ~

Aum ~ Shishta Mahaa Prabhaata Bhoopaala Adbhuta Naaraayana Rahasyam ~ Mowna Pratishta !

Aum ~ ParaBrahma Vichitra Tawhid Mantra Rahasyam ~ Mishra Sankeerna Raaga Prakaar ~

Aum Maha Shruti Garbha Graha Bhoopaala Rahasya Dhvani Beejam ~ Para Brahma AngaNyaasam

Aum Parabrahma Narayana Datta Guru Rahasya Aananda Aahvaanam ~ Bhoopala Rahasya Chinham

Aum Maha Shishta Purusha Rudra Dattaatreya Maha Sandhya Mehfooz ~ Bageshri Prakaar Rudra Chinham

Aum Maha Shishta Purusha Dattaatreya Naaraayana Parama Rahasya Mantram ~ Bageshri Chakra Vyooham

Aum Naarayana Parabrahma Vihwala Mahashishta Maha-nyaasam ~ Avyaya Bageshri Prakaara.

Aum Mahashishta Parabrahma Narayana Datta Guru Rahasya Aananda Aahvaanam ~ Bageshri Sruthi Rahasya Chinham Dhruvam

Aum(OM) Samuktam Parabrahmanyasam Bagheshri Preetya Kanakaangi raaga Rahasya Vinyaasa Mahashishta Mantram

Aum Mahaa Shishta Naarayana Kaala Bhairava Samukta Para Brahma Nyaasam ~ Malkauns raagam iti Rta Rahasyam ~

Aum Para Brahma Shishta Samhita Narayana Shishta Dukkha Beejam ~ Ahada Ajaahada Iti Aavarana Maha Shishta Kalpa Dig Bandham

Aum Shishta Dukkha Parabrahma Kalaanthariksha Mahaa Beeja Nyaasam ~

Aum Revati Raaga Vinyaasam ~ Kalabhairava Shishta Dukkham Iti Beejam ~

Shiva Shakti Pooja Vidhi ~ Kaala Bhairava Nyaasam


Brahmaanda ~ Brahma - Anda ~ cosmic eggs bursting into cognition
Mantra ~ Divine Word, meta-cosmic resonances and more
Mowna ~ Divine Silences

(Refer to these essays for more elucidations of the above rather difficult words ~

Aum Maha Spanda Shishta Mowna (Movna) Dhyaana Aananda Kalpadrumam ~

Aum Anaadi Maha Shishta Naamakarana Maha Nyaasa Kalpa Rahasyam ~

Aum ~ Anaadi Shishta Mishra Vichitra Rahasya Mantra Nyaasam ~ Avyaya Yukthi

A strange Hanuman Thodi ~ little Quran from Mecca [ recorded from Tv ] as Avyaya Nyaasam ~

Aum ~ Shri Chakra Shiva Linga Samuktha Pooja ~ Naaraayana Nyaasam

Aum Maha Shishta Mantram-s For Pooja ~

Aum ~ Shri Chakra Linga Samuktha Pooja ~ Naaraayana Nyaasam


Rig Veda ~ one of the four existent Veda-s (sacred revelations).
Mahashishta ~
Parabrahma ~ Para (the other) Brahman (all this)
Samyukta ~ eternally meta-unifnied
Nyaasam ~ 
Mandala ~ the divine, mystic temple


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