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Quick Saambaar (with saambaar powder ) ~.

Many people use this method to create a Sambar. But it is an alternative to the more elaborate Sambar. But even Sambar podi(powder) sambar can be reasonably well made. Of course, if you know sambar you can identify it as podi sambar.  

Essential Ingrediants

vendakkaaya {vendakkai} (bindi) [lady's finger]  
and/ or
kathirikkaaya {kathirakkai} (baingan) [brinjal]  ~ about 150 gmas to 300 gms (two or three brinjals and /or ladies fingers )
and /or   
muringakkaaya { muringakkai} (sangan phali) [ drumstick ]  ~ One or two

tovara-parippu { tuvara-parippu } (arhar- dal)  [tuvar dal] ~ 200 gms roughly one normal(!) tumbler

Puli { Puli} (imli )  [ Tamarind ]  One small lemon sized ball ( to be dissolved in water )

Manjal Podi {Manja Podi}  (Haldi) [Turmeric powder] ~ !/2 teaspoon

Sambar Powder ~ 3 teaspoons

Perumkaayam { Perungaayam} ( hing ) [ Asofetida ] ~ 1/2 teaspoon powder or a small pinch dissolved in water

Kaduku  {Kadugu}(sarsoon) [mustard-seeds] ~ two teaspoons

kariveppela { kariveppalai }   (kardi patha) [ curry leaves ] ~ a few leaves (ten to fifteen )         

kothamalli ila
{kothamalli ilai} (dhaniya) [fresh coriander leaves ] ~ a few sprigs !!

uppu { uppu } ( namak) [ salt ] ~ to taste roughly 11/2 to 2 teaspoons  





Cut the vegetables to a suitable size: If it is Muringakkai The skin must be scraped off before cutting.  

Mix the Tamarind with about a glass of water and filter it  residue free and keep the tamarind water  

Take A suitably large vessel and a medium Aappai tavi(spoon )

Pour the tamarind-water into the vessel and boil for about ten minutes with sufficient water . The smell of tamarind must go. Then add the cut vegetables, turmeric powder, sambar powder, about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, add water and stir. Let the vegetables cook well. 

Now add the dal cooked well earlier in a pressure cooker (with the rice) !
Add another tea-spoon of salt. Add essential water to obtain the right consistency !  


Stir and boil for another five minutes. Just before taking the curry off the  flame add the asofetida and stir

Now in an iluppu chatti (  ) heat two tablespoon coconut oil. as it is steaming add the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Let it crackle let it not burn. Put it on the Sambar and Don't stir .   

Add a few stalks and leaves of Kothmeer leaves.

Sambar is ready ! { Check salt add more if necessary } ~ A little jaggery or 1/2 a spoon of sugar may be added and stirred before removing from the flame!

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