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The Infinite Eternal Cosmic Laboratory Of Babel ~

The Infinite Eternal Cosmic Laboratory Of Babel ∼

The Laboratory Of Babel ∼

Notes ∼ Vishnu ∼ [All-Pervasive Lord Of The Universes] Raamaayanam ∼ Ancient Indian Epic Describing The Glory Of Lord Vishnu In His Avatar as Shri Raama ∼ Bhaaghavatham ∼ Indian Puraanam Describing The Glory Of Vishnu In His Krishna- Avatar ∼

Puraanam [Puranas] ∼ That Which Was Divine And 
Known From Ancient Times ∼ There are eighteen major Puraanams and eighteen minor ones ∼

Ithihaasam ∼ Great Epic ∼ Refers To Raamaayanam [Ramayana] and the much larger Mahaabhaaratham [Mahabharata] ∼

Shiva Puraanam ∼ This Puraanam Deals With The Cosmic Mystery Of Shiva And Shakthi ∼

Brahman ∼ That Which Is All This And Not All This ∼

My Childhood Was All A great Mythological World ∼ I 
not Only Believed In God But Also Believed That I Will Encounter Him In One Of His Infinite Manifestations Any Time Because I was Perpetually Praying ∼ I also thought that everybody must be doing the same! My Desire To See God In One Of His Forms Was Not For Any Special Favours But For Knowledge Of God and His Great Mystery!

My First Heroes Were The Two Legendary Child Bhaktas [Devotees Of God] Prahlada and Dhruva ∼ Both By The Intensity Of Devotion Prahlada [By Absolute Faith] and Dhruva [By Absolute Tapas (Rigorous Penance And Meditation)] Actually See God Naaraayana [Lord Vishnu] when they are just past their infancy! These stories were told to me by my mother ∼ It seems that as a two year old child I used to pick up random objects and ask my mother whether Lord Naaraayana was there in them too and my mother would say yes ∼ I learned about the Omnipresence Of God from the great legend of Prahlada

For more details of Prahlada and Dhruva see Vishnu 
Puraanam] ∼ Little later I also heard of Krishna [from the Bhaaghavatham] and Shri Raama from The Raamaayanam and Shiva from Shiva Puraanam from my mother, father and my mother’s mother all great story tellers in their own right! These Myths are an intrinsic part of the Indian Psyche ∼ they are transmitted more through speech than by writing ∼ Many TV serials and cinema have been made especially recently on these grand mystic legends from the Itihaasaas and the Puraanams ∼


When I was about five, my hero was the Great Indian Prophet Shankaraachaarya who Expounds Adwaita Vedaanta [Absolute Unity And Perfect Non-Dualism Of The Infinite Brahman] ∼ A little later Buddha also entered as A Great Divine Model ∼ I read about Christ’s Birth in a senior cousin’s school book when I was seven or so and I must have reread it dozens of times ∼ I was deeply impressed and I Always used to think of Christ’s Glory when I visited our cowshed In Pandalam with Gowri and her calf Meena ∼


When I was eleven years old I joined Sainik School Kazhakootam, Thiruvananthapuram, a boarding school training possible future officers for the Indian Armed Forces ∼ It was very different from my faithful Mythological Worlds Of Wonders ∼ I was terribly homesick but somehow managed ∼ I got deeply interested in Euclid and next year [1966] my illustrious Chemistry teacher Mr.N.B.Nair in the first class made us heat Sodium Dichromate in the school Chemistry Lab. That experiment was a turning point of my Life and I thought that I must study All Of The Sciences ∼

I thought I will Be The Eternal Scientist Eternally Seeking Truth In A Laboratory That Grew Bigger and Bigger In My Imagination within a short while ∼ It started as a large Five storied building for Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology and Mathematics ∼ But Then It Grew Into The Very Laboratory Of Babel Itself ∼ Let me elucidate ∼

Physics I Re-cognized as the Fundamental Science since Biology reduced to Chemistry and Chemistry reduced to Physics ∼


Ever Since I heard of elementary particles of physics [1965 A.D.] I wondered why they couldn’t be indefinitely split again and again into Absolute Infinitesimality ∼ The Laboratory Had To Be Infinite And Research

Has To Be Done For Infinite Time ∼ This is Clearly an Eternal Impossibility for Science, since science is a finite pastime like carpentry ∼ Contrasting with the Microscopic Was The Vast Macroscopic ∼ Just As The Microscopes Indefinitely Magnified The Small, There Was The Infinite Possibility Of Telescopes ∼ Again An Eternal Indefinite Process ∼ I used to Imagine Infinite

Galaxies into a Universe, Make That Universe An Infinitesimal Particle, Make A Vaster Universe, Again Repeat The Deed Eternally Infinitely ∼ I was thinking of the Set Of All Experiments In All The Universes Past Present Future Or Otherwise ∼ I remember suggesting a series of experiments, which would have given me the Newton’s Law Of Cooling ∼ I remember telling about this to my respected Physics teacher Mr.K.M. Nair [Sainik School Kazhakootam who clarified this to me ∼ I also thought of passing the spectrum through all organic concoctions and see what happens [Chlorophyll solution in the Chemistry laboratory and the spectrum I knew from Physics opened out this vast possibility] ∼


[Later In College I re-cognized that I was seeing the vast regions of Spectroscopy] ∼ I also thought of Experimenting the Effect of magnetic fields or electro-magnetic fields to various physical phenomena like “specific heat and other properties of various substances” ‘crystal growth’ etc. ∼ There was a crazy doubt I had a little later [1968] about Gravitation ∼ I wondered that, that if every object attracted every object according to Newton’s Law Of Gravitation, then why don’t all the people in the class-room collide as objects ∼ Later I recognized that it was the Famous Many Body problem Of Physics In Disguise and sometime afterwards that physics is a fantastic human fiction ∼ Not Absolute Truth At All!

Chemistry ∼ First Region That Attracted My attention Was The Vast Possibility Of Bio-chemistry On The Earth and All Over The Vast Universes ∼ Infinite Experimental and Theoretical Possibility in The Grand Laboratory Of Babel ∼ Trans-uranium elements made me wonder about infinite non-discovered elements Of The Infinite Periodic Table! Obviously All Chemistry Becomes The Infinitely Regressing Journey Of Eternal Micro-1,2,3,· · · Infinity Of Physics In The Infinite Laboratory of Babel ∼ 

Biology ∼


Biology Of Infinite Possible Genetic Structures Of Infinite Possible Animals and Plants Was The Definite Eternal Theme Of The Biology Section Of The Laboratory Of Babel ∼ Further The Possibility Of Sub-Atomic Genetic Codes 1,2,3,· · · Infinity Ad Absurdum


Also naturally Came In As Infinite Universes Of Possibilities ∼ I remember [1968] telling this to a friend Satish Chandran Nair [Now a Retd. Col.] as an argument for the Infinity Of God against the finitude of science ∼ Further I recognized Damn Clearly That “Life” Is Not Mere Matter Or Energy! As I thought of Biology,

The Infinite Possible Diseases Of Infinite Possible Beings In Infinite Universes And Their Eternal Cure Also Was Included In The Agenda Of The Laboratory Of Babel!

Those days engineering subjects fascinated me only on the periphery as an application of Physics! Social Sciences I strongly Felt were illegitimate as True Sciences

I am talking about [1966-1967] when I did not even know the word ‘infinitesimal’ which came in two years later in Infinitesimal Calculus [Mathematical Analysis] ∼ But My Father often used to make Anur-Brhad [Smaller than the Smallest and Larger Than The Largest] As An Absolute Definition Of God quoting The Vishnu SahasraNaamam [The Mantra Of The Thousand Names Of Lord Vishnu Recited By Thousands everyday even today!] ∼ This Must Have Deeply Inspired Me ∼

Finally Coming Back To The Infinite Laboratory Of Babel I Also Used To Imagine The Top Floor With a lot of Light For Pure Mathematics Which was of course my favourite Subject Unifying Everything!


I must mention in passing that I read About Binary Logic And The Mystery Of Computers in a popular science magazine “Science Today” [circa. 1967] ∼ I instantly wondered About The Final Computer And Re-Cognized That The Last Computer Has A Largest Number It Can Write With Its Finite Memory whereas I Can Allways Think Of Infinity More ∼ Put simply I realized clearly that Mathematical Induction Cannot be Eternally Induced Into The Final Computer ∼ I also thought of chemical reactions as possible on-off-systems [hardware] for Better Efficiency ∼

To complete the narrative I also had an imaginary spouse fully Engaged In Eternal Research For The Final Absolute Truth That Solves All Problems Of All Eternity Of All The Beings! I used to imagine her coming on a bicycle bringing lunch for us to share on the top floor of the Infinite Laboratory among the latest geometry theorems just discovered ∼


This Infinite Laboratory Of Babel Loomed Before Me Whenever I Thought Of Science(s).


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