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Last updated: 02/15/2017 12:34 AM
Green Light ~ An Epiphany ~


Ether mountains of Light
Bloat in fire-sky-Light
Hillocks of coloured Light
Carve in rainbow Light
Birds of aerial Light
Flip float curve as Light
Rivers of metallic Light
Flow ruminate in Light
In countless subtle hues
I seek the exotic green
Of my arbitrary palette.

I see infinite verdances
Amorphous verdant greens
Articulate verdance verdance
Murmuring whispering green
In serene silences Light
Light Light solemnly verdant
Cackling crackling splitting
In tornadoes of luminous passions

Revelation is always a breathless
Rhythm Emptying itself in
Resolute cadence ~ verdance
Piled upon verdance
Piled upon ageless
Piled piled green
Piled upon green
Chiseled in green Light

For all eternities
In timeless green
Before infinite Adams and Eves
Sprout in infinite verdant Edens.

Miracle verdance resonant
Before All Creations
Before primal projections of
Primordial green infinitudes
In archetypal greens spreading ~

Green Green Green
Mountains of moist green
Piled upon
Piled upon
Brittle green Light drapes
Ardent pure in absolute
Wonder self-definition.


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