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Last updated: 11/13/2008 03:00 AM
Air & Water ~ Two great necessities for Life ~




Air and Water are clearly the basic and divine pre-requisites  for life on this earth

Our body is mostly air and water !! vayu prasadam and varuna prasadam. 



Let’s  Keep Air Clean ~

Let’s breathe clean air.


If you breathe well you are almost well!

Breath is Praana, a divine grace ~ The Primordial Essence of Life.



We breathe unconsciously!

In yoga we learn to be aware of each breath the in-breath the mystic space of no breath and the out-breath.


The Supreme Lord Virat Narayanan breathes for each being in the cosmoses when they are awake or dreaming or asleep!


Breathing influences the activity of every cell and nerve centre.

If your praana is pure the individual cells muscular nervous lymphatic etc.  are well nourished: Every cell is a breathing entity embedded in the divine breath-being of life.


Crude Oil burnt for machines and automobiles is satanic breath!

This pollution is a divine curse: We must abandon crude oil production.


This polluted air can cause countless diseases innumerable respiratory allergies, asthma pluersy, ~~  Poor respiration naturally affects the functioning of brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc because these cells are also suffocated. Thus the whole body is affected by myriad diseases. Like heart diseases, blood pressure, stroke, innumerable skin diseases, stone, kidney malfunctioning, infertility, impotence,   deformity of foetus in pregnant women.  etc.


Grow more plants & Trees ~ let the green revolution be! Purify the air by greenery! .




Human body in more than 70% water. This simple fact has innumerable causes and consequences.


Every cell including the cells of brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, muscles etc. functions because of water and impulses transmitted in an aqueous medium.

If these cells function, the human beings function! Drink lots of clean water.

An excess is always welcome!


I have been telling about the importance of drinking enough & more water for nearly thirty years! I noticed and observed that innumerable diseases are created by lack of water.  


1) Stroke ~ If there is enough smooth blood flow there is much less chance of a stroke. But blood mostly is water !! So replenish water! Replenish blood.  


2) Heart ailments ~ The cells of the heart lungs and blood are replenished by adequate water! Let your heart beat well! Let the lungs breathe well Let the cells function!


3) Liver dehydration can be prevented by drinking more water.


4) Lack of Water is the major cause of kidney dis-function!


5) If you drink enough water the chances for getting kidney stones 

are considerably reduced.


6) Ulcer,dehydration geberal fatigue headache etc could all be often treated by drinking enough water on time.


7) Adequate water helps digestion and general health.


I have noticed that most are lazy even to drink water ! Please don’t be!

You are inviting diseases by dehydrating yourself!


If you urinate well you are half healthy! Drink more water and see how it changes your system and well being.




Always Keep a bottle of water nearby and don’t be lazy not to use it.

I say it because even I who have been ardently preaching about the necessity of adequate water, feel lazy often and postpone the drinking of water.


Body can mange with much less water than required! But providing it free supply of water keeps the system divinely clean.  



Breathe Good Air ! Drink enough Clean Water ! Keep away from many diseases. 

Lead A healthier life  

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