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Revati~ 2

REVATI I presume is the only raagam that is bestowed and endowed with the divine name of a nakshathram ( A cosmic witness star ) that too curiously named, the very closure of the listed ones~~ When i brought out this meta-fact in another forum, as an open query , a venerable traditional vidushi (  _ _ ) affirmed that it is so ~~ She further mentioned that traditionally it was a forbidden raagam ~~ It was/is a divine metaphyslcal Raagam voiced by Shaumbhu Kaala Bhairava Sadaa Shiva as a mystical gesture of Absolutely Closing Maha~Kaalam ( Meta Cosmic Cycles of All Time-s ) ~~ Well, recently some compositions like "Maha Deva Shiva Shambho" { composed by  Sri Tanjaoor Sankara  Iyer }  are popularized  ~~`But I have never  heard an elaborate Aalaapana in this great raagam  ~~ ( i was told by a senior listener Sri Raja, that Sri(Dr.) M Balamurali Krishna had done some elaborate rendering(s) of Revati ~~) Somehow this  divine Raagam held me captive in its hidden subtle mystic tentacles and i was elaborating its nuances in my solitude-s ~~ Finally by some divine meta cosmic ordinance, I recorded this version and another one before this ~~Aum Shambho MahaaDeva ~~~gam  gam shambhoaum ~~~ ( later I recorded this raagam many more times, yet to be posted here )


Technically when Madyamaavati raagam's   "suddha madhyamam" becomes "teevram" Revati raagam  gets created ~~ it is an "audava~audava" raagam,  "gandharam" and "dhaivatam" swaram-s are omitted ~~~~ 

This Raagam has been formally adapted into Hindusthani Paddhati, by Khan Saheb Allaudin Khan and nomenclatured as Raag "bairagi bhairav"~~( I have never had the opportunity to listen to this hindusthani version ) 

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