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Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary to Transfinity

These papers were distributed around the world from 1994 -1995 ~ Some of these ideas have been stolen by the very people who rejected these papers. For some fellows rejected my papers with the statement nobody interested in the future of the sciences would publish them and yet it has caused a phenomenal revolution all around the earth.  [ Check the letters in the book for further details. ]  

It has come to our notice that these papers completely transformed all who read it. [ Ref. The Parable ]. I must have been the invisible chat topic in all fraud transfinite circles.

If you have sufficient familiarity with Zeremelo-Frankel and Godel-Bernays scheme and the Axioms used in these systems the technical language of this  book will be more comprehensible. To those who are not familiar with these the following links may help's_diagonal_argument




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Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary to Transfinity

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