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Before The Armageddon ~ A Song Of Agony ~

This is a poem selected from my book "Scrap Bits from the Note Books of a Lunatic" ~ It is called "Before the Armageddon"   ~ It is rendered in Raagam Revati.  This raaga has been adapted to Hindusthani Paddati by Khan Saheb Allaudin Khan and called Bairagi Bhairav~





In the land
of pale white barbarians
rock muscles
challenge the stars
the shadow fell
a perverse scientific temper
was laboriously cultivated.


A midget satan
filled with slaughtered cows of Brindavan
scribbled graffiti on the Old Testament
proclaimed the supremacy
of the human penis
in matters of understanding
and all loudly bawled
“Hurraha we have
the final truth at last.”


Milking infants were trained
to parade their baby genitals
to the grim satisfaction
of constipated millionaires
impotent industrial magnates
grotesque variations
of a senile population.


The common muscle-men
sought their neighbours
their sons and fathers
for machine-age sodomy.


All was well with the men.
But ah! the women
they wept and wailed
went for each other
picked up stray canines and pigs
as companions.


Philanthropic manufacturers provided
the miracle apparatus of science
multi-coloured multi-textured dildos
for all occassions programmable
on your personal computers.


Due to superfluous entries and exits
the children were hard to come by.


The men now rushed up
to their laboratories
to make babies
in test tubes and conical flasks.


What will the future
and child pornographers do?
Where will they go far their fresh raw material?
Supply demand you know
Economic crisis you know.


∗- paedophilia is etymologically perverse and incorrect and hence paedomaniac.


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