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Last updated: 05/27/2008 10:05 AM
Alas! This Terror on Children ! This Must Stop ~


Child abuse by aidworkers, peacekeepers rife: study

The Pope's "Deep Shame"

Benedict talks to bishops about the wounds of the sex abuse scandal. But many victims want an explicit apology—and action.

Human Trafficking in Thailand


Facts, Methods and Techniques of Traffickers, Cases,Policy and Law, Official Response and Action, and Official Corruption and Collaboration

Around 80,000 women and children have been sold into Thailand's sex idustry since 1990, with most coming from Burma, China's Yunan province and Laos. Trafficked children were also found on construction sites and in sweatshops. In 1996, almost 200,000 foreign children, mostly boys from Burma, Laos and Cambodia, were thought to be working in Thailand. (Mahidol University's Institute of Population and Social Research, "Trafficking of children on the rise," Bangkok Post, 22 July 1998)

Pattaya has a multi-billion dollar multinational sex industry with links to drug trafficking, money laundering and an expanding regional cross-border traffic in women. (Mark Baker, "Sin city can¹t shake vice¹s grip," Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1997)