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Last updated: 05/20/2008 11:17 PM
Shyam Santhanam

Born 1983 in Chennai India to Usha and TR Santhanam.  Living in Pennsylvania, USA and working as a software analyst/engineer.  A good friend of Narayanan Raghunathan.  Married to Ambika who hails from Erode, India.  Interested in the cosmoses, music, religion, philosophy, apocalypse, mathematics and poetry.  
I have been writing poetry and haiku on the internet since 2001.
I am a co-founder of Wonder Haiku Worlds. I actively participate on the site as well as co-ordinate its technical development.
Nowadays, I post all my haiku and short poetry on Wonder Haiku Worlds (my postings are collected here).  Most of my other, longer poetry is on this site (see below).
Some of my earlier haiku can be found in various places, including:
Autumn Leaves volume 11(6)
Photo-haiku gallery

The webWORKS Gallery


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