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Formal Release Of the Book ~ Invitation ~

 “Infinite Cosmoses Of
Infinite Algorithms
Infinite Transcendental Numbers ~~"


Narayanan Raghunathan

[ R . Narayanan ]  

The Formal Release Of

The Infinite Volume-d Book 



BTH Sarovaram
NH 47 Cochin Bypass, Maradu P O
Ernakulam - 682 304, Kerala, India.


At 2 PM On The 2nd December 2007

You are cordially Invited


[ Please be present by 1.30 PM ]  

Praarthana { Prayer }  ~ Ganga Anand and Seetha Anand

Welcome address ~ Adrian Miranda

“Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms
For Infinite Transcendental Numbers”
A summary discourse, ~~ by the author,
Narayanan Raghunathan (R. Narayanan) 

High Tea 

Formal Release of the book~~
[ Prof.  T. Thrivikraman presents a copy of the three volumes to Prof. CV Rameshan  ~~ ]   

Presidential Address ~
Professor T.Thrivikraman. [ Retd. Head Of  The Department Of Mathematics, Cochin University. ]  

A Friend’s Reminiscences ~
Professor CV Rameshan [ Head Of  The Department Of Mathematics, SN College, Kozhikode ]  ?

Question & Answer Time ~
People who want to clarify their doubts and raise questions may do that now. These will be duly answered by the author. 
Audience ~
Brief  Personal comments and responses on “The day’s proceedings” by the members of the audience.  

Friends ~ Nostalgia ~
Various available friends who are willing to say a word or two!

Final Words and Raaga/Prayer ~ Tentative Closure ~
Narayanan Raghunathan

[ Conductor(s) of  the Programme  ~ J.Ramesh Kumar/Prakash ]  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

    The Book that is going to be released formally on the 2nd December 2007, at Nandhanam, Hotel Sarovaram, Eranakulam, Kerala, India,  titled  “Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Transcendental Numbers “,  was essentially written between 1995 -1998 AD . It was in the chi-writer format and about ten printed copies were hard-bound (in black calico, titled “Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Transcendental Numbers”) and circulated around the earth from around April 1999. The History of the random journey of the Manuscript(s) of the book is briefly described in the book itself.  

    This is Verily an Infinite Volume-d Book: The First Infinite Volume-d Seamless Book Ever Written on The Earth, The Set Of All Seeds of “A Book Of Sand “ or “A Library of Babel”  as one may wish to call it, is contained here.

    Essentially,  It is a book about the “Set Of All Transcendental Numbers” collected as infinite [ infinitudes ] of formulas generating more formulas of convergent sequences,  each transcendental number identified uniquely by a universal symbolic notation which is seamless,  infinite, eternally self-generating, for ever  for ever, all over all over .  

Now We Know that there Exists Infinitudes of Transcendental Numbers. What Are They and Where Are They? This Seamless question Is Answered Eternally in This Seamless Library of Labyrinthine Babel. All Existing Transcendental Numbers including “e”, “pi”, Liouville’s transcendental number, Mahler’s decimal expansion etc. become ordinary examples of the infinite formulas enlisted endlessly in this strange divine work of Mathematics.  

It can be self-evidently trivially proved that each power series defined here is a Transcendental Number, according to Liouville’s Criterion ~ Mahler’s Criterion etc. But the very Infinite Nature of the Infinite Book Requires developing the idea of Transcendentality defined to various Labyrinth levels.  

In order to truly exhaust the infinite seamless possibilities of these formulas, I re-cognized that I needed to generalize  the idea of  Polynomials,  to CL(x)  [Cosmic Labyrinth ] Functions and SD(x) [Seamless Divine] Functions.  This generalization has phenomenal eternal repercussions on All Branches of Mathematics and Sciences where the idea of a polynomial function occurs.   

There are also Infinite Possibilities of studying the idea of convergence (and divergence) of each series by its “velocity of convergence(divergence)” and “infinite levels of accelerations of convergence (divergence)” . Thus, unique qualities and quantities of each convergent (divergent) series are defined, despite all of them approaching the same limit. This has deep and eternal consequences in the study of Analytic Functions.  

The Book Leaves Endless Possibilities Open For Ever For All who want to pursue.  

This Infinite book has direct consequences to all the branches of Science ~ Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Physics, Chemistry Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Various Branches of Engineering, Chaos theory to Catastrophe theory ad absurdum ad infinitum.     

    By chaining and by constructing towers and super-towers of labyrinth formulas we can create infinitudes more volumes of Transcendental Numbers for ever which are hinted and expanded in the book solemnly.  

If you search Google for transcendentals {transcendental numbers} you will get very few, say, a paltry fifteen [including some spurious ones like i^i ]. All these numbers are trivial examples of Our Library of Babel unfolding here. 

It is like the grains of sand on an infinite ocean-bed. Let the Transcendentals be the grains: Mathematicians knew about fifteen grains: I have named each grain for ever and given its eternal mathematical power-series ~identity-tag.  It is impossible to add one more to this infinite listing of the seamless almanac of transcendental number stars.  

    In order that you understand this inaugural lecture a fair knowledge of the book, “Theory and Application of Infinite Series” by Konrad Knopp (Dover Publication ) may help, But no special preparation is really necessary, but an open seamless mind to comprehend the invincible infinite seamless Cosmoses of Transcendental numbers. Let me humbly thank Prof. T.Thrivkraman  who has consented to preside over this occasion.   

    I invite you personally dear friend, to attend and enhance this historic event of publishing, which is perhaps comparable to the Sermon on the Mount

Narayanan Raghunathan

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