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Food and Cuisine ~


This Section of the Site Is just Getting  Ready. Please Check the ** sections where some items are presented


This section is dedicated to my mother Rajalakshmi Raghunathan and sisters Rema Parameshwaran and Prema Anand each a specialist in their own way ! I learn All about cooking from them ! It is their cooking i have enjoyed and sought its mysterious secrets!

Endless the parables and lores Endless the vast Tradition(s) of Indian cooking as has been handed down to us by our elders. Various new sub-traditions have mushroomed in this vast galaxy ~ It is our Family tradition which has merged various sub-traditions in its own seamless assimilatve adventure and intrinsically perfected it by practise and learning.  The best "saambaar" for instance i think is our family saambaar [ my mother's perfect saambaar ] ~ Surely cooking is a subtle fine art and in delving into its mysterious domains of delight we are becoming a larger family of exquisitely developed and sensitive people.

I came to food and cooking personally [ not just eating well ] when i went to work for Air-India in 1977 as a cabin crew. I stayed alone in Mumbai [ then Bombay ] in Andheri for nearly three years. I and some friends irregularly cooked and shared our food . There were careless disasters like the whole pot pourri on the stove [ heater ] burning into futilty when we were discussing  cosmic matters like Last Physics and Computers, seamless Indian Music,  up to my Endless Apocalypse !We were then forced to go to Hotel Radhakrishna at Andheri [ opposite Oscar Amber theatre ] and eat masala dosha-s and vada-s with the vague Bombay-Udupi version of Saambaar!  

 But sometimes I did cook very well !  The joy I derived from people enjoying and appreciating my cooking was immeasurable. It was a great fullfillment.

Cooking is divine ritual and art. I hope these meanderings of mine have a value for you as a tentative reference manual and a literary experience.

This food and cusine section is more a literary exercise as a part of an adventure of talking about food! 


This section will take a few months to be completed ~

Accidentally I found this great site  where  Kerala Iyer style cooking is dealt with !

So Please Visit

Ammu Paati's Thoughts ~

My friend Shyam's wife Ambika has this interesting blog with a variety of items!

Veggie Pilgrimage!


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