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Last updated: 01/06/2008 04:03 PM
VIrat Purusha ~

The pathway to the mountain temple
scattered with pilgrims in strange wool colours
the effervescence of the moment in all its regal
splendour resonated in endless cycles of  fiery light ~   

The articulations of the infinite transitory symbols
had begun much before the beginnings and ends
sacred spandas have enshrined in their divine purity
the recrudescent mantrams that never begin nor end
the universes articulated in simultaneous approval
of the seamless cosmic moments when light turned
luminous to absurd perfections when
all the hells and all pains just dissolved
in the sanctified breath of Neelakanta ~  

the flame resonated in spasms of infinite delight
then the days were no longer laboured
but flowed like a breeze in effortless ease
all in rhythmic resonances echoed re-cognized  
the pre-primal endless bliss of the the Virat Purusha

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