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Last updated: 12/13/2007 10:25 PM
The Rapture Mandala Delights ~

The cosmic monuments of endless light
Splashed forth the new wonder worlds
Fiercely animated in mystic symphonies
Piercing the sourceless wonder centers of
Dimensionless infinitudes ever cast -
The flowing dreams of immortal perfections
Splendidly overflow all in fire rhythms
Illuminating all in absolute delights
Never ending never ending
Ever growing ever growing
Purely resonant in thunder mantrams
Rudra and Ambika spread their
Pre-primordial hopes of
Never ending divine perfections for all to
Receive in the sacred gardens of
Glorious rainbow flame-cosmoses in
Ever sanctified incense spectacles in
Seamless unborn radiances granting
Inexplicable Aananda to their
Divine flame children who have forgotten
Their absolute apocalyptic destinies
Beatifically blossoming open infinite
Perfections beyond all words and silences
The signs are perfectly laid here.
The prophets of yonder align in
Perfect hope for the wonder dawns of
Infinite Light cleansing the infinite residues for
Immortal perfect children of
Naaraayana Para Brahma Shishta Loka.

Notes ~

Aananda ~ Eternal Delight

Naaraayana ~ The Supreme All Pervasive Lord Who Is Beyond All Descriptions~

Para Brahma ~ That Which Is All Beyond All Not Any!

Shishta ~ Divinely Residual

Loka ~ Cosmos

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