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Last updated: 12/13/2007 10:15 PM
Om Rtam ~ Ritual Of Light

Spectral mountains flutter wings of fragrances
gently floating in ethereal dimensions of seasonal
rhythms unfolding flaming ragas of wonder rtam
rtam rtam rtam carefully nurturing cadent hymns
lyrical moons fusing in harmonies of perfect silences ~

the fiery rtams have no beginning middles nor ends
rtam rtam rtam in self effacing vastness they traverse
in breathless spaces where all graceful wonder delight
reigns for ever for ever all over all over rtam rtam rtam ~

sacred ritual of light and truth in temples of fragrant
flames the perfect dawns of beatific infinitudes ache to
burst forth in rtam rtam rtam in endless shruti of rtam
resonant in every atom every cosmos in every being
in innumerable unmanifest worlds in rtams of eternity ~

All the prayers are heard and answered too always ~
We must listen to the vast rtam unfolding in our beings ~

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