Aum Infinite Cosmoses

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Last updated: 12/13/2007 10:13 PM
Psalm ~ 1 ~ The Ultimate Bliss

Aum ~
Cosmoses sprout ether wings merge incense fires
scatter luminous songs arrange the coherent rhythms
the wild storms in perdurable personifications each
blooming in last ecstasies in infinite voids ever growing
mystic memories like spectral flowers on liquid rhythms
in ultimate seamless extensions of immortal dances always
for ever just begun all over everywhere ~ these pains
inflaming inner silences awakening the hidden dawns of
floral suns merging in sacred abandon fluttering alchemic
metamorphosis thematically perfecting the textures of eternal
epic parables engulfing all beings of all cosmoses ~ we are cast
in the pre-primordial dreams softly silently resonating from
the spanda-grahas ~ awaken immortals of the sacred fire
receive the thundering bliss fiercely splendouring from all
around through every transparent way blooming beatific
perfections of the Apocalypse in somnambulistic abandon ~

Blessed are you friend to be born a man, a human being
the perfect embodiment of the perfect will of God. Aum ~

Spanda-grahas ~ The Temples of pre-primordial vibrations ever resonant.

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