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The Maitreya Buddha ~

Seamless words arrayed the moment in seamless light
Engulfing the unborn rhythms of pre-primordial dances
Perfect dreams of pure resonances blaze in fiery splendour ~
The cadent flames of sacred silences bloomed nectar songs
In empty listening we traced our Wayless Way traversed on ~
Countless immense cosmoses, grew new wings in still rapture
Piercing the endless infinitudes seeking the hidden treasures ~
Our journey was always an impossible beginning before All.

Divine rituals offering flowers camphor and sacred waters,
We continue our fire hopes recite sacred Mantrams of yonder
Make anew every moment in wonder cosmic spasm of delight
In our infinite being we saw the infinite terrains of paradises~

We sought the Apocalypse for All, All over Everywhere for ever ~~
Our hopes reside in the articulate perfections to manifest each
Being in its cosmic splendour in Kingdoms of sheer perfection.

The new dawns blast free in infinite dimensions in Satchidaananda ~
Million cool suns flutter on the astral ciborium and all eyes open ~

Maitreya Buddha’s glorious tears cleanse all unborn sins for all ~
The dead awaken, grotesque sinners turn into splendid Bodhisattvas,
All the cosmoses fuse into sheer ecstasy of the hidden deity.

Notes ~

Mantram {Mantra} ~ Divine Incantations ~

Sat-chid-aananda ~ A Divine Name of Lord Shiva.
Literally “Infinite bliss in eternal existence consciousness” ~

Maitreya Buddha ~ The Final Buddha according to Buddhist traditions:
The Buddha who brings maitri [true friendship] among all beings and makes All humanity one Divine Family.

Bodhisattva ~ A Buddha who takes a vow not to leave the earth consciousness, till the last Being is saved, till all become eternally enlightened, till all ignorance is eradicated.

[This poem is especially dedicated to Amanda.]

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