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From The Anaahatta ~

All this music we create
is part of the ageless continuum
the primordial melody
the mystic cacophony
pure mellifluous
sourceless efflux ~

it is like memory ~
we are echoes of
the first unborn silence ~

the rivers gurgle
the primal Shruti
the clouds conceal
the delicate limbs of the dancer ~
who could claim originality here?
we are all part of the Universal Original ~

at last when the eternal melody vibrates
through every nerve and cell explicitly
resonating in abysmal depths of the Being
the Anaahatta has burst open ~

ripping through black ignorance
earthfull of Buddhas emerge radiant
as infinite morning suns ~

Notes ~

Shruti ~ That Which is Primordially Heard ~ The Vedas The Scriptures [The Holy Bible Divine Q’uran] Are All Shruti ~ [Sanskrit]~

Dancer is Shiva In Thaandava In The Mystic Dance of Infinite Creations And Dissolutions ~

Anaahatta ~ The Mandala {Chakra} Of Unstruck Sounds In Tantra And Yoga ~ This is situated in the middle of the chest at the region of the sternum in the Sooshma-Sharira[Subtle Body Of Ether] Of Every Being ~ The Opening Of This Chakra Gives One The Revelation Of The Divine Tongues ~ [Sanskrit ]

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