Aum Infinite Cosmoses

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Last updated: 10/15/2007 02:37 PM
The Apocalyptic Dawns ~

The gracious gesture
done in all innocence
invokes splendid unborn dawns
furiously blazing incense rhythms
in solemn full-moon chants
thundering rapture silences
dreaming iridescent astral labyrinths
in meta-chrome wonder
sparkling somnambulating
in timeless zones of incandescence ~
the aeons the ages the cosmoses in
miracle fused residual configurations in
polygenial ecstatic resonances
in immaculate continuums ~

I re-cognize strange fragrances
of rainbows gyrating in
vertiginous soul spaces
rainbows dancing around
countless fairy-butterflies
of unborn vision-worlds ~
Eden butterflies fiery birds singing around
mystic amalgam of resonant rainbows
flame flowers of moist light
erupting devouring clarifying
infinite radiant micro-macro cosmoses
bursting asunder all over all over
everywhere forever forever in
divine poly-exponential perfections ~

The witness sun resolves
these cadent deliberations
in absolute random abandon ~
the last virgin spring is
an ageless resolution reinforced as
Eternal ether blossoms
Infinite perfect new dawns in
Beatific Apocalyptic FullFillment ~

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