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Eternal Thought Oceans ~

Thoughts effervescing from
nowhere blossoming fairy dreams in
opal palaces of incandescent textures
thoughts fumbling fuming suddenly
radiating into self-evident glory
thoughts of words, words of thoughts
thoughts of ancient memories submerged
in the infinite depths of the primal
archetypes of the eternal word ~

thoughts fill universes evanescently
fade fuse into other imaginary worlds
fervently concentrate all to the subtle perfection of
one ancient miracle moment amalgamates
metamorphoses exotica into subtle tonalities in
the vast transitions of universes in the
interweaving ages emanating poetic thoughts
cleaving through verbal mazes lyrical silences
delicate harmonies reverberating nostalgic thought
oceans of Dionysian dream dance rapture spaces
in unborn heavens and hells of sacred residual cosmoses
timeless thoughts timely thoughts untimely thoughts
cogitating melting into the seamless eternal memorabilia
thoughts flicker birds vanishing into nothingness eagerly
coaxing to be rummaged cognized from
the infinite vastness of oblivion ~

From emptiness I gather
the rhythmic gait of the poem
my own anarchic thoughts articulating
aimless meaning in the meaningless meaningfull
splendorous recognizing of space-time universes ~
space-time bursts timeless eternity spaceless Void into
my little cosmic mind my vast being scintillates with
radiant wonder ~ in a moment Dirac’s equation of the electron,
Einstein’s equation of the geodesic, quantum electrodynamics,
singularities, nameless black holes, infinite big bangs, atoms turn into
elementary particles coloured quarks topological strings fuse into
ultimate infinitesimal genetic codes of Infinite Beings Of Light into
the last computer for infinite fingers and sounds ~
all finally vanish in the abysmal infinite-regressing itinerary
without beginning middles and ends into
the Great Nothingness emblazoned as radiant ornaments on
the deity that discovers describes itself in grandiloquent eloquence
in every random detail and every wonder whole ~

fierce the nameless spreading of infinite biologies and
non-biologies of infinite beings conscious feeling thinking wading
through myriad thoughtfull cosmic configurations nameless ether
Beings configured in light nurturing ethereal thoughts in
luminous meta-sentient tongues of fire undecipherable ageless
the wonder universes of thought oceans overflowing all boundaries ~

Think of all that can be thought of ~
let infinite beings do it for all eternity ~
still it is an infinitesimal portion of
the thought deluges engulfing the
innumerable sublime cosmoses ~

Oozing with uncountable universes of thoughts
I wonder a lunatic dancer sitting with the pen scribbling
these thoughts through the fire of my tiny body
as the vast perceivable universes converge into
the radiant rapture of the Absolute Apocalypse when
a million cool suns will mushroom on the last perfect sky ~

Note ~
I read a poem “ Where Are My Thoughts?” by Laryalee Fraser around the beginning of the year ~ The theme of the poem brought poetic lines to me again and again ~ I did not write ~ But finally around early March I wrote this poem and kept it.

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