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Last updated: 10/15/2007 02:05 PM
Immortal Rapture ~

In the serene mandalas of moist flames
birds incant incense mantras of light
the endless perfect fairy tales begin
again and again before all beginnings ~
Astonished at the vast radiance
and the rubiscent ether architectures
of mystic firmaments merging blazing
fiercely into the absolute wonder-spasms
of the nameless infinite moment
enveloping holding the eternal drapery
of the flaming indigo magic epiphany ~
At the source-less source of the green
universes a spot of honey emanating
into the edgeless terrains, fierce cries,
spontaneous tonal purity of gentle silences
the deliberations in the seamless eloquence of
sanctified moments in the architectural fires,
the tender hues of the spectral coherences
in the lotus coloured horizons of beatific angels ~

The vast journey merging fusing through
myriad fiery tales of cosmic abandon
extending into the effulgent sources
of these universes of perceptions ~

Arriving at the temples of incandescence
caressing cool flames singing hymns of glory
amazing prayers that never end ~ the ecstatic
ringing of countless bells in primal chorus
gentle grace slowly deliberately suffusing
into the ethereal rapture of immortality ~

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