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Sahasradala Mandala Mantra ~

Mystic Mandalas of fire rhythms
Enveloping all the spaces and times
Infinite- petalled lotus of Sahsradala
Unfolds terrible grandeur in primal ecstasy
For ever for ever always everywhere ~
Behold the perfect union of Rudra and Uma
The Laasya Thandava of Kaala Bhairava
The parables of luminous silences incanting
Infinite languages all fusing into the
Miracle Sandhi of Tawhidi ~ sublime
Flame tongues of infinite hooded Aadi-shesha
Watches all in absolute rapture inviting
The sacred dream dialects and invisible splendours
Of unborn residual universes ever sprouting
All over all the meta-geometric labyrinths of infinite
Beings all united in the holistic flame songs
Spasmodic Apocalyptic Rtams of All Eternity ~

Ignited mounted on the luminous white horse
Swirling the lightning sword of Absolute Light
Raudra Brahman roars through infinite worlds
Fierce warrior of Absolute Truth changing all
Pasts presents futures all forever forever all over
Rewriting all eternities in cryptograms of infinite scriptures
So that all become all bliss-light for all times and
Eternities and all beyond alls too ~

Notes ~

Mystic ~ Of Miraculous Silent Origins ~

Mandala ~ Eternal Temple Of Infinite Light-Delights ~

Sahasradala ~ The Infinite-petalled Lotus In The Head In The Subtle Body [Sooshma Shariram] Whose Blowing open marks the beginning of the End Of Yoga And Tantra ~ The Final Stage Of The Unfolding Of The Maha-Shakthi-Kundalini from the Molaadhaara [The Supreme Universal Command-Temple] Passing via the other Chakras Swaadhishtaana [The Being’s Temple of Self Evident Primal Seat] Manipura [Resonant Temple Of Infinite Light] Anaahatta [The Temple Of Infinite Unstuck Sounds] Visuddhi [Eternally Purifying Chakra] Bhrumadhya [The Temple At The Centre Of The Three Eyes] Ajna [Unborn Temple Of The Third Eye] and other minor temples too ~

Rudra ~ The Primal Self-Effulgent Lord Of Infinite Wrath Of Love [The Primal Name Of Shiva] ~ [See Rudram ~ Vedas]~

Uma ~ The Divine Spouse Of Rudra ~ The Primal One In The Primal Waters ~

Laasya ~ The Cosmic Feminine Rhythms Of Shakthi [Uma, Kaali]

Thaandava ~ The Cosmic Dance Of Shiva All Over Everywhere ~

Kaala-Bhairava ~ Shiva As Controller Of All Time And Timelessness ~

Sandhi ~ The Points Of Divine Meeting [Here refers to the Mystic Self-Revealed Sandhyaa Bhaasha Of The Himaalayan Yogis] ~

Tawhidi ~ The Divine Tongue Of Allaha ~

Aadi Shesha ~ The Primordial Cosmic Residues ~ The Name Of The Infinite Hooded Serpent On which Vishnu [All-Pervasive] Lies In Splendid Yoga-Nidra {Divine Slumber] [See Vishnu Puraanam For More Details] ~

Rtam ~ Primordial Truth Rhythms ~ A Key Word In The Vedas ~ The English Word “Rhythm” Originates from this Vedic Sanskrit Word ~

Raudra Brahaman ~ The Infinitely Pre-Primordial Undifferentiated State Of Rudra ~

“Luminous White Horse” And “Lightning Sword” Are Symbols Of Kalki The Final Avatar Of Vishnu ~ Other Apocalyptic Visions Also Indicate These Or Similar Symbols ~

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