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Last updated: 10/15/2007 01:58 PM
A Sacred Gift ~

The resonant power-whirls of time
swirling the textures
of the nameless ages
flowing evanescently
glowing shadowless
on the divine earth ~
Ageless time ~
time ageing as the ages
time as the nebulae
through meta-galactic clusters
time the as the west wind
the ancient mountain ranges
time as colourless cyclones
as deluges of lightnings
time as infinite deathless dances
as artfull deaths in the universes ~

A tense expression
on the solitary sun
a primal invitation
a growing fire-rage
a radiant memory
a gentle ray of hope
a transparent melody
a sacred gift ~

An iridescent New Dawn
My Cosmic Mansion Of All-Light ~

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