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Last updated: 10/15/2007 01:48 PM
The Geometric Fire ~

Try the countless angles
try the endless lines
try the labyrinth curves
try the invisible corners
tend them well with subtle light
triangulate the angles edgeless
triangulate the spasmodic lines
crucify the crosses criss-cross
one above the other
forever all over all over
circulate the ageless curves
around the infinite points
in infinite spaces coax thunderstorm
silences, dream fairy-tales of yonder ~

the triangular notation of time
the triangular second
the triangular minute
the triangular hour
the triangular timeless zones
where imaginary beings
bloom wings of fire resonate
the wonder abyss-songs
of The Fierce Armageddon ~

try the gentle angular hours
tie up all exotic angularities
as frozen parables of cadent
unborn silences radiating ~
tie the metaphysical nodes
the triangular shadow notes
the angular surreal notes
the polygonal radiant notes
the last meta-grammatical notes
fusing fervently pulsating
notating the primal circularities
in mystic mythograms of sacred power
in impeccable triangular light ~

The Air Is Fire
The Water Is Fire
The Earth Is Fire
The Truth Is Fire
The Great Triangular Hour Is Fire
Where eternal circles square themselves
In vast spastic abandon ~

Circa 1989 ~

Note ~

The Triangle is the symbol of Maha Shakthi In Tantra And Yoga ~ “The Triangular Hour” is the name of a famous surreal-painting by Spanish freak-genius Salvador Dali ~ This poem has nothing to do with the painting at all ~ I needed the words “Triangular Hour” so I used it ~ This acknowledgement is not necessarily obligatory ~

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