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The Flame ~

The Flame devours Itself
Purifying the last traces of
Vanity in the firmaments ~

The Flame devours Itself
Unifying space and time
Rejoicing in the first
All-pervasive embrace ~

The Flame devours Itself
Dancing contours nourishing
Rudra's vast wrath
This time with a purpose
The face is red with anger ~

The Flame devours Itself
Interludes of gentle trepidations
Still the breathing rhythms are pure
Somewhere a perfect song is born ~

The Flame devours Itself
Ultimate desires pervade all
Even the wandering Kesin
Beyond all dreams and passions
Desires utter liberation ~

The Flame devours Itself
The Cosmic Fire Of Kalki
The Flaming Sword of Wisdom
Reveals the tender steps
Of the last great Thaandava ~

The Flame devours Itself
This time with a purpose
Somewhere a perfect song is born ~

Circa 1981 ~

Note ~

Rudra ~ The Great Wratfhull Luminous Benign Forms Of Lord As Shiva ~

Kesin ~ A Mystic wanderer during ancient Vedic times ~ [Literally One with long matted hair]

Kalki ~ The Final Avatar Of Vishnu [The All Pervasive Lord] generally pictured riding a white horse with a flaming sword in his hand ~

Thaandava ~ The Cosmic Dance Of Shiva Creating and Dissolving innumerable cosmoses ~

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