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Last updated: 12/01/2008 10:10 PM
Vegetarian Vegan Links~**

Vegetarian - Vegan:

Abbey's Vegan Recipes

American Vegetarians

Asian Vegetarian Union 

Christian Vegetarian Association

Club Veg

Dallas-Fort Worth Vegetarian Education Network

European Vegetarian Union

Famous Vegetarians


Famous Veggie.Com

Fruitarian Network


International Vegetarian Union

Jewish Vegetarians of North America

Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc

North American Vegetarian Society

Northern Vegans

Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

The Peace Abbey

The Vegan Society (UK)

The Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegetarian Society of the UK

The VivaVegie Society, Inc

Vegan Outreach

Vegan Society

Vegan Speak

Vegetable Expert

Vegetarian Resource Center

Vegetarian Union of North America


Commercial Establishments:


Animal Art by Sandy

Dining by Design, Inc.

Huguenot Street Farm - Veganic Farm

HuMaine Essential Herbal Soap - handcrafted in Maine

Oldford Soaps

Organic Health and Beauty

Pangea Vegan Products

StepFast Lifestyle Design

Tough Traveler Ltd. - Baby and Animal Carriers

Truth (vegetarian belts)

Vegan Essentials

Vegetarian Vitamins



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