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Tantra ~ Aphorisms Of Elucidations


Tantra is the Key-word:

The Key to these affirmations.


Tantra questions everything:

Tantra believes everything too.

That is the irony of this projection.


If Maya is a magic veil,

Tantra seeks the magician behind

the veil, also the magic veil.


To Tantra, the world is a perfect sign language-scattered

symbols eternally reconstructing Shiva.


The most complex minds have

laboriously unearthed the simple minded

theorems of Tantra.


Be suspicious of Tantra:

But Tantra is no fool's paradise.


Tantra is the Universe seeking itself:

Shiva awaiting the ageless union with Shakthi.

Why did they separate?

That is the mystery.


To see the 'whole' in every part.

That is the Truth of Tantra.


Tantra is beyond classification:

Tantra sees perfection Everywhere.


Every Bhava and Mudra are

an essential part of Universal Tantra.


The `Dance of Shiva' includes All

Motion and stillness:

Infact it is All and Beyond Itself.


There are Infinite Shakthis:

But truly there is only one Shiva.


There are infinite variations of Yantras

infinite variations of Lingas:

Yet there is only one "Purna Linga Purusha" - Shiva.


Linga is the first sculpture:

Sheet abstraction. The first icon:

The Final Revelation.


Linga symbolizes the unknown:

The Infinite concealed in the Finite.


Linga is also the mysterious genital symbol the eternal creative energy submerged in the Depths of Mooladhara.


Linga also indicates that the infinite manifestations of the Deity are beyond finite representations.

Shiva's face is still a great mystery.


Between the Matra and Mudra,

Universes of Perfection Awaiting Manifestation.


Mantra, Matra, Mudra, Yantra,

Linga-In their Self Evident Infinities

Tantra is Established.

Nataraja!!  Dance Lord of All Rhythm.Dance Lord of All.


Tantra  is  a  ritual of purification learning to  see the Pure Everywhere.


Tantra is a trick, a technique:

But mostly It is Light,

Self Evident Impeccability.


Truly there is only one Tantrik-Shiva,

the unborn,  the Ever Born.


Through the first Yajna the Deity had

sacrificed himself as the cosmoses.

Tantra perceives the cosmoses as the tangible body of the Deity


Yajna is God loosing himself as the cosmoses.

Tantra is god realizing himself as the cosmoses.


Tantra is Infinite.

Only an Infinitesimal has been perceived.


If Tantra is truly established

immortality is the natural consequence:

a never ending ecstasy all over the Universes.


One dazzle of an atom of Shiva's hair is

enough light for all eternity.

There is infinite more:

The infinite forms of Shiva and his various Shakthis.


The Perfection of a studies ritual,

Perfection of Every Ritual,

Perfection in Everything - that is

the Grandiose Aspiration of Tantra.


We may say that

Yantra represents the pervasiveness:

Linga is the Witness, the Eye.


Thought leading to Absolute Astonishment:

That is the movement of Tantra.


The symbols and rituals of Tantra

are only a feeble representation of a Magic Alchemy

Eternally Possible, Awaited by All.


To believe and then to Realize

the Infinite Significance of

Every trivial Gesture and Detail is the Truth and power

of Tantra.


Tantra seeks infinite pleasure:

But it also seeks infinite pain.

That is the beauty of its enunciation.


Eternal felicity for the Beings:

The final physical Metamorphosis to Perfection-

An Absolute Immortality.

The hero seekers of Tantra sensed

such subtle impulses of the Purusha

encased in this miracle body.


Tantra realizes the body as a

mysterious `Time Machine' infinitely free.


Vedic and Tantrik are two faces of the same coin.

"Om"   is  the  sure  link.   The "Kesin  Hymn"  is  close to a possible description of a Tantrik.


Flowers Express the Truth Submerged in the Depths of Tantra.


If  "Om"  is understood Everything should be  Absolutely Evident "Om" is not understood.

That is our Ancient tragedy and our Perfect Hope.


Tantra preaches genuine love:

But also genuine hatred:

That is its uniqueness.

'Genuine' is the key adjective and sound.


To realize 'the one without a second'

But also to realize, the essence of every detail.

That is the Tantrik's vanity and predilection.


The Universe is Awaiting the TimeWhen the crescent Moon on Shiva's head would become the Full Moon.

That event would signify the end of Ignorance, the Beginning of a New knowledge.


Shiva is the creator of All and More.

But he is born as the trivialest of trivialest creatures.

Yet he proves that he is All and Much More.  Behind the available Tantrik paraphernalia and rituals, the Ultimate Desire to Create the Creator of All, pervades Apocalyptically concealed Revealed.


If  somebody smartly utters Shivoham (I am Shiva) Request him  to Reveal the Moon and Ganga on his Head. Also ask him to Dance  his Thandava.  That is All.


Shiva is Sundaramoorthy and Beebhatsa Purusha

Shiva is SadaShiva and Rudra

Shiva is ParamaYogi and Kameshwara

Shiva is Nataraja and Dakshinamoorthy.

All Together.How is it possible?

We will have to ask him when he Arrives as

"SadaShiva Allaha Narayana Rudra Isa Jehovah Brahma Krishna Kalki Purusha Dakshinamoorthy Maitreya Narayana........And What not !


The true Tantrik uses his symbols only to abandon them. For soon, he  perceives  the Universe as the luminous Yantra,  himself  as Tantra,  his Miracle Breath as Pranava and he  desparately  seeks his Absolute Lord SadaShiva in Himself and in Everything.


Samukta  Avyaya ArdhaNareeshwara Shariram   (Unified  Undefinable Anima-Animus Body) - Every Tantrik in his Strange Being Seeks the Miracle  Multi-dimensional Body and A Never Ending  Discovery  of its Magic Energies and Apocalyptic Hopes.


Tantra  recognizes  the  mysterious secret  of  the Metaphysical aspects of Eros.


But then why this word 'Tantra'

Why not "Kuntra" or "Knoknokno"

That is the Mystery of Mantra and the Magic of Sound.


Tantra is The Key Mantra.
The Key to These Affirmations.

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