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Last updated: 08/20/2007 12:36 AM
Guna My Guru ~

The train cleaves through
breezy verdant evanescence ~
I am reading ~
Little Guna plucks
the book from my hands,
starts reading gently,
" Z ~ E ~ N ~ "
Then he swirls the book
behind his back,
with the perfect smile
of the Amitaabha, beaming
on his beatific face asks,
"Tell me what is 'Zean'?"

I feel like a great idiot
facing an exalted Buddha ~
his vast smile spreads
onto my face, I am
sure, but couldn't see ~ 


This poem is based on a personal experience ~
Arun Raghunath Parameshwaran [Guna], my brother's son, was
just a little over two, when this event occurred ~

Amitaabha ~ The Great Luminous One Of Infinite
Resplendences ~ A name of Buddha ~

Guru ~ Teacher ~

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