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Last updated: 08/02/2007 11:08 PM
Eternal Kingdoms of Pure Light ~

We will sit together all alone
in our unique wilderness
engrave our mystic circles of light
seamless oceans of fire
wonder wander with the
infinite cycles of power
the ageless eternities of ether
discover that infinitesimal point
of grave error which
created these labyrinth
abysses of infinite hells ~

The Infinite is ruthless
in its sacred intonation
desperate its intention,
transparent perfect ~
it leaves no stone unturned ~

The Hells are as divine a gift
as the Heavens, essential in
these pure apocalyptic aspirations ~

But this earth this Residual World
and the road beside the Power Mountain
are the most precious substances
divinely laid for our Last Itinerary ~

One day walking along this path
again on this eternal earth
I will tell you why ~
You must listen ~
My song is an intention made
up of many hidden silences
which I gathered looking for
the missing intonations
in every Cosmic Harmony
so that Kingdoms of Pure Light
May Be ~

My gestures are my prayers
to the Hidden Godhead ~

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