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Last updated: 08/02/2007 07:23 PM
The Virat Purusha ~ Narayana


A radiant emanation

Permeated every horizon

Unveiling Maya gently revealed

Slumbering atmospheres of rarefield Maya.


Maya is the Primal Essential sense

Self-evident forever all pervasive -

The Final Maya is the infinite Purusha Narayana.


The unseen eye opened in every creation

The Purusha Maitreya Narayana surfaced

Outsurfacing the infinite cosmoses

Infinite limbed infinite headed

The purest ageless dream of all eternity

Overflowing every eye !

All was there to Behold !

All is the Body of the Purusha, Narayana.


The past, the present, the future,  Om

The never ending display of details and wholes

Silent forests, tingling rivers, messenger clouds,

Infinite lines, infinite spaces,infinite times,

Avatars, Avadhoots, Brahma Rishis, Buddhas, Jinas,

Arrays, hierarchies, seasons and luminous deities

Grotesque black powers, zooming comets

Villages, cities and drifting continents

Unicorns, dragons and imaginary beings

Galaxies, symbols and nothingnesses

Pulsating paradises, throbbing heavens

Rotting hells, darkness Light Light........

The panorama holds it All.


The grandiose momentum of the instant

Assembles the totalities of all possibilities

And impossibilities - Maitreya Narayana.


The vision is complete, ultimate.

In the All enveloping body

Of the Purusha Maitreya

Every creature occupies

Its perfect niche of exponentially growing Bliss.


The Yajna Begins with the Purusha !

The Yajna ends with the Purusha !

The Universe is merely

The hibernating anatomy of the Purusha, Kalki Narayana !?


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