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The Maitreya Buddha And A Miracle ~

  The Maitreya Buddha Wandered on the Earth sacredly incognito.  But some other ancient Buddhas recognized him, forced their inevitable discipleship  on him. "Just a conventional tradition Maitreya!", they said  and followed  him.   

  After mere wandering rather timelessly  aimlessly  with him,  one  bright sunny day they  asked him  "Why don'you show  us  a Miracle Ah! Maitreya." ~ And  the Maitreya said rather melodramatically, "Look up for your  sake for the sake of All."

  They looked up.  And they waited.  After rather a long time they  said, "We see Nothing Maitreya."

  "You see nothing. You must be pretending blindness.Don't you see the Sun, the best miracle for every day."

  Then the Maitreya walked away towards a bush to piss er, to urinate.

  Suddenly  for a magic moment there was total darkness and the  Sun  ap­peared again as a New Dawn.  Many tender colourfull Suns on the horizon as an addition!

  The  blessed Buddhas roared in laughter. The smiling Maitreya was  sit­ting  on the stone, earnestly cutting his nails with a borrowed  Korean nail-cutter and collecting the cut nails, safely carefully on a  green­ish red leaf, tender as dawn.

  Countless magic birds cackled in ageless innocence.  A lone lion glori­ously roared in a nearby forest.

  But the New Dawn was perfectly established much before the Maitreya was born. Then  why  had  he to be born?  Because he was born and  only  then  he realized that  he was.  Or else, he would have perfected all  and  dis­solved Himself in the Primal Womb. Any Womb?

Om Namo Maitreya Buddhaaya! 

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