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The Birth Of The Maitreya Buddha ~

  And then ..... The Maitreya was conceived in once of the many wombs of the Earth. As a seed in the womb itself he revealed his Genius and Greatness.

  As he formed Himself into a foetus He purified the cosmoses with his intrinsic Will and He Blessed the countless Beings with his Ageless Grace! The Cosmoses tumbled and trembled in His conception and the very ParaBrahman was perturbed!

  And then ...... The Maitreya Began to Teach the ParaBrahman, The teaching still goes on, in intonations of Primal Sllence and Primal Song.

  The Brahman Announced the coming and the presence of the Maitreya everywhere all over. And then - The Maitreya Buddha Rudra Brahma Naaraayana Dakshinaamoorthy was Born. And just then all was miraculously self-evident to All Beings except the strangeand determined earthlings who were awaiting the painful Residual Revelations.

  The Gods, angels, demiurges ..... were amazed at the earthlings and they desired to enter the Earth. In countless strange disguises they invaded the Earth to have a glimpse of the Miracle To Be! The Maitreya was born a normal child and he cried aloud like every other child. But then, Ah! But than!

Om Namo Maitreyaaya!


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