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Primal Sacrifice ~ A Pre-Primal Parable


One. The Division. Total Division. Manifestation.

The Tale was perfect but for the sole exception.There were infinite Perfect immortal Eternally Blissfull Miracle Beings in infinite Magic Universes, cognizing and recognizing all around, exponentially growing in their Miracle Bliss. There was one exception. The inevitable residual manifestation that is the natural consequence of all division. One ugly grotesque suffering diseased stinking filthy Being,carrying the details and pains of every conceivable disease, ugliness etc...etc. He was the inevitable God. He sensed his essential Destiny, never misappropriated and retained all the residual ugliness, pain etc. as his eternally doomed predilection.
But one day (!?) the strange inevitable thing happened.
All the Blissful Beings ever growing from Absolute into more Absolute Bliss, questioned their eternally grotesque neurosyphilitic leper ........ God always suffering from tenebrous variations of tenesmus desperate priapisms etc. etc. They asked him why he was utterly selfish and why he did not share with them his GreatBeauty, Bliss ......etc. Since the infinite Beings did not know what pain was at all, the grotesque suffering Master of All could not convince them of the ultimate worthlessness of his beauty, possessions and powers.
Voilent obsession and jealousy to become the only epileptic leper God, possessed the infinite Perfect Beings. They desperately forced the God to sacrifice himself and his possessions for their sake. and the God eventually obliged them, however reluctant he was. Yet true to his nature he retained the worst pains and diseases for himself. And as he died, he blessed every Being with variations of death as a part of Primal Consecration.
He would awaken soon to recover his primal beauties and possessions. The grotesque laper epileptic schizopherenic swine ........ But at the Apocalypse, the deformities, pains and ugliness may strangely metamorphose into primal decorations on the Messiaha's body. Kalki Allaha Maitreya Naaraayana Sadaashiva Jehovah Zarathustra .....a trivial beginning of his never ending name and game.



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