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~ The Fly ~


A fly hovers in free space~
the clan in drosophila
the common fruitfly,
a favorite specimen
for the genetician.

Drosophilae breed quickly enough
many generations become observable
before the eager scientists
strike their ancient graves.

This fly settles on my nose
his inexplicable intimacy irks
I am quiet and still as a stone
waiting for him to unfold..
his ageless aeronautical fable.

In a moment of pure revelation
I recognize his infant message
In his miniscule anatomy
the mystery of flying lies concealed
the nature of the diabolic winds
the solemn vertigo of altitudes
the totality of all aerodynamics
perpetual beyond the reach
of any vain mortal conception.

Geneticians may still mutate him
into a crawling worm
for experiments' sake~
But how he learned to fly
from the innocence of the womb
is a question that completely
transcends all their
audacious tenacity.

The fly does not think and fly
the fly simply flies.

Circa ~ 1983

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