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The Predicament ~

Here We unburden
our ancient hopes
by definitions~
but the undefinables
stretch across the vision~
from the cosmos to the atoms
from utter darkness to infinite light
seasons and twilight
meteors comets and sunlight
infinite eternal ether ciboriums
limpid sensual extravagances glorify
nuances of our seeming knowledge.
We have named them all
details of latitudes and longitudes
equators and erogenous zones
acupuncture points and exotic hieroglyphs
gods devils heavens hells
all over all over
we have inscribed our will.

Our definitions are free airy~
strange is this language nurturing
on mortal idiosyncrasy
miraculous the structure
the malleability the sustaining power
the supple limbs of the Deity~
the square root of minus one
laplacian, mutation, lagrangian,
epistemology, ontology, zoology, topology
homomorphisms, isomorphisms, biomorphisms,
black-holes, white-holes, mere holes
webbed equations
Ultimate Revealations~
Language grows like The Last Fire~
we can stop nowhere:
nowhere is an exact location
where we have all begun~
but nothingness is a better beginning~
subtle descriptions of
the Infinite Voids follow freely~

From the universal cauldron of
sounds and letters
tantalizing definitions
bubble and brew
identifying details in
this nameless Whole.

Weary homosapiens blessed with
definitions for the Day of
The Last Judgement
retain within their skins
tragedies, comedies, tragi-comedies
mere scientific knowledge~
their art is to indicate
without knowing:
yet when they know
they cannot indicate
what they have known.
That is their tragedy and comedy
in a nutshell.
Needless to say, the details
are susceptible to further
investigations, definitions!

circa 1982 ~

Note~ I dedicate this poem specially to my father. I read out this poem to him many years ago, and as I reached 'investigations' and closed, my father added the word 'definitions' spontaneously, when I had been wondering for long whether I should do the same!

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