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Last updated: 08/20/2007 12:38 AM
Notations For A Landscape Architecture

A heap of moist petals
of radiant lotuses
erupt in fiery silences
metamorphosing gently into
million million incandescent
rainbow butterflies
labyrinth designs on
the delicate lavender sky ~

The terra firma
is burnt sienna
subtle ochre yellows
of splendorous architectures
of infinite tones ~

Countless suns of
nameless colours
emerged triumphant
from pure emptiness ~

The agony of the last
grain of sand
is another cadence
of infinite joy ~

There is a pervasive smell
of Raga Aananda Bhairavi
in the vast ageless air ~

Note ~ Aananda Bhairavi is a famous Raga of Karnaatic Classical Music ~ Delighted Cosmic Mother Bhairavi ~ Spouse of Rudra Mahaa Kaala Bhairava [Shiva] ~

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