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Last updated: 08/20/2007 12:40 AM
Seeking The Freedom Of The Free-verse

Free-verse has a translucent quality~
freedom creates its own vision~
it reveals as it conceals:
Expression here finds a metaphor,
but often the metaphor discovers
its expression anew.
Inevitability defines its
solemn tonality
and its forbidden metre is
its absolute fatality.
The primal feelings provoke
the flowing eidos
and the word reasseverates
a new etymological nuance
with every random utterance.
The Deity discoveres the language afresh,
cautiously, with every insipid error.

All poetry (good, bad, even, odd, neutral---)
and all the colourless colourful spectrum
of variations, are primal eruptions
from the ageless memory of the pure race,
from the infinite otiose meandering sounds.
The Word is first a Sound
before it discovers a meaning and
poetry too is an insane web of sounds
embedded in a primeval luminous Silence.
Silence is everybody's eternal poem~
also, a sure measure
of every poet's personal treasure.

Why then poetry, ah! poetry?



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