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Last updated: 08/20/2007 12:39 AM
A Surreal Spectacle

Along the rutty dusty pavements
spiraling the cerulean-snow
mountain ranges a solemn procession
of corpses drifting in the winds
for the cremation on the
terruvial pinnacle
before the resurrection.

On the terra-firma brittle skeletons
of earthy animals dance sing giggle
mourn celebrating clear ecstasy of death,
of life incandescently.

In the orange-green open spaces above
seraphims bathed in blue light
wings of gleaming gold
eyes of miniature red suns
floating agelessly in search of
definite metaphysical functions.

The generous demiurges
shower holylight water
on the tenacious circular
terrestrial itinerary.

The corpses metamorphose
into rock butterflies ether birds liquid songs
dissolve into the fragile air.
The skeletons metamorphose
into crawling worms coloured snakes with
wings sheer silent rhythms
wriggle into the solid earth

The pinnacle vanishes~
the space is empty
coloured as the void.
The height ceases to be~
Where is the Fall?

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