Aum Infinite Cosmoses

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Last updated: 08/20/2007 12:42 AM
Spiraling Into The Labyrinth Infinite

Actually the shining mountain of snow is
Capped on our luminous heads
Like wonder birds carrying stormy oceans on
Their vast wings of fire ~ the spectacle spreads~
Tiny ants bearing the astral ciboriums on
Their hardened backs of ambers gleaming~
The waterfronts receding sonorously into
Seamless wonder-spaces of ether, extending~
The ageless flame beckons our air tongues
To taste tamely sweet eternity~
Omnivorously all the magic cosmoses, are
Gulped down in a last ferocious gluttony.

We have removed the grandiose caps~
Our heads now rise gently feel
The tantalizing flutter of sentient ecstasy,
The absolute vastness of Infinite Nothingness.

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