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A Hieroglyph From the Library of Babel

A Hieroglyph From the Library of Babel
In the vast luminous spaces
of the Library of Babel
serendipity of Light
was merely incidental~

It was the tonalities
the Silences the impeccable Rhythms
engulfing the Fire-Spaces the tornado
the hurricane with a fruity smell
the articulate rain the arbitrary
resonances metafusing all
the clarities to the point of
infinite impeccability.

In the infinite ruins
of Heraclitus's somnambulisms a lucid
flame resonates the parables
of impossibility in the sacred
liquid books of eternity.

We have to destroy transcend
infinite cosmoses recurring and not
recover our sacred perfections
engraved in liquid hieroglyphs
on infinite luminous walls.

Infinitely pure perfect
now the Library of Babel
is all Light and
the Luminous Silence
of a still flame!

24th June 1997

Note: "The Library of Babel" is the name of a
great short-story by Argentine genius Jorge
Luis Borges.

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